woensdag 11 april 2007

Andréanne Alain

Comme Une Pluie de Soleil is like a soft feather boa. The song slides up on you, and slowly encapsulates you. It doesn't take you in a stronghold, but tickles, teases and makes you want to close your eyes, spread your arms, throw your head back and go with the flow of the music. It's sung by Montréal-based Andréanne Alain, and taken from her first soloalbum. Comme Un Pluie de Soleil reminds me, of Zap Mama, of Matthew Herbert, of Angelique Kidjo. It's electronic, with slight African touches, I love the vocalplay and tad-husky, comforting voice of Andréanne (her name is as melodious as the song).
Other songs from the album are good too, but Comme Une Pluie de Soleil takes the biscuit. I wanted to incorporate it in the Printemps-mix (see above), but it's a Printemps-mix on it's own.

Andréanne Alain - Comme Une Pluie de Soleil
Andréanne Alain - Un Parmi Tant

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