vrijdag 27 februari 2009


Not that there were any complaints before, but on their new album Drums, Sex & Dance, the lovely Patricia is sounding even more sensual than before. Would that have anything to do they now sound like the Spanish brother and sister of Vive La Fête? Patricia looks as hot as Elsje too, with her blonde hair. Yelle is a good reference too, but Souvenir are more adult, grittier, dirtier if you will. Badly lit, crowded club, sweat from the walls, strobelight. You feel me?
You can buy Souvenir's new album (and backcatalogue) via Jabalina's webshop.

Souvenir - Ta Machine

donderdag 26 februari 2009

Hansje (rave return)

From my inbox:

Hey people from the fantastic filles sourires blog !

last week we got so inspired by the hansje track,
we made a rock'n roll breakcore mix of it. (or something, there's not really a genre to it) :-)
tried it in a dj set on saturday and the crowd went insane !

it's attached,
hope you enjoy,



Hansje - Silex Pistols Piew Piew (Mascotte remix)

Emilie Simon

When electronica-artists turn to the classics, I grow suspicious. You might get something awful like William Orbit's Pieces in a Modern Style, in which the ambient-king butchered masterpieces like Adagio for Strings (later on, both trancemeisters Tiesto and Ferry Corsten dragged it through the mud with their godawful remixes). Using classical themes or melodies is not a problem, Gainsbourg did that masterfully, but when I read the bio for Private Domain, alarmbells go off: 'The idea is simple but ambitious: to take a new look at some great works of the apst in the light our modern digital era, bring together the art of singing from yesterday and today, and help a whole new generation brought up to beats, breaks and loops of today's music discover or rediscover certains works of the classical repertoire.' Producer Iko invited, among others, Mexican techno-star Murcof, Marc Collin and Emilie Simon. I already posted a song from this project here, but the involvement of Emilie Simon makes it more interesting, ofcourse. She redid pieces from Purcell's Dido & Aeneas, and Faurés Après un rêve.
I love Emilie's voice, and the electronica-meets-strings-thing is her natural habitat, but compare her Rêve, to what Barbra Streisand did with the same piece.

Iko, Emilie Simon - Un Rêve
Barbra Streisand - Après un rêve

woensdag 25 februari 2009

Oh Canada: Marie Pierre Arthur

One of the overused words on this blog is 'atmosphere' - it could also be the title of Marie Pierre Arthur's debut album. This Quebec girl played bass for Ariane Moffatt and Stefie Shock, and now comes with an album that has gothic touches, as Eno-esque soundscapes. Very percussive, also. Highlight of the album is Entre Nous, a devastatingly beautiful track, in which MPA's voice is very delicate. Single Pourquoi is a folky strummer for overcast days in spring, A talent to watch. See a live video here. (Thanks Ralph)

Marie Pierre Arthur - Pourquoi
Marie Pierre Arthur - Entre Nous

dinsdag 24 februari 2009


Yes, another post about Ludivine Sagnier, and again about Les Chansons d'Amour. Why? First of all, you don't really need a good reason to post about gorgeous Ludivine. But if you insist: Naive is giving away free music on their site, compilations featuring big hits, nice songs and new stuff. Among that, this song by Ludivine and Louis Garrel. Plus a new production by Marc Collin.

Louis & Ludivine - De Bonnes Raisons
Marc Collin, Paul & Louise, Iko - Here in this place

In other news: Marianne Dissard blogs about her current European tour here.

maandag 23 februari 2009


I already posted this Gainsbourg-cover by Odile and Manu, but now they've made a clip too. See the original SG-version here.

Claire, Maud

I am such a lucky guy. Really. Almost everytime I open my mailbox, there are fresh albums by fresh French girls waiting for me. Beautiful girls, making beautiful music, usually. Both Maud Lübeck and Claire Denamur (pictured) are born out of exotic bloodlines. Claire has Argentinian, French and Dutch roots. She grew up in America, but (luckily) chose to sing in French. Her debut-album (highly anticipated here before) is a gem. Jazzy, folky, funny, and sung with that country-ish, tad husky voice that reminds me a little of Janne from Room Eleven. First single Prince Charmant was real good, I'm hoping for Je me sens nue as the follow-up.
Maud Lübeck states Antarctica and Paris as her hometowns, my guess is that there's some German roots as well. We know Maud from the X-mas project, none other that Vincent Delerm took an interest, they both recorded a very moving duet.

Maud Lübeck & Vincent Delerm - Je t'aimais trop
Claire Denamur - Je me sens nue (see live version here)

vrijdag 20 februari 2009


Minimatic, he who made this great France Gall remix, Natashka and Cowboy Henk are doing what they do best, on May 1 in Amsterdam. Nope, not me behind the wheels o'steel, but you can catch me here.

donderdag 19 februari 2009


She sang with Jerome Minière, with Vincent Delerm, and on her second album there are some songs in French too (here, and here too). On the upcoming third album no French songs, alas. But I got hold of this new song, written with Patrick Watson, that is really beautiful and I think y'all shouls hear. Lhasa de Sela's voice is really something, it's beyond melancholy. The strings of your heart are played magnificently. I like her best when she sings in French or Spanish, but Rising is a great song too.

Lhasa - Rising

In other news: see the dates for the big tour FS-faves Francoiz Breut and Marianne Dissard are doing in Germany, here. If you're going, please write a review for this blog!

Honor Blackman

Got a request for this Gainsbourg-cover by Honor Blackman, and then I realised I've never posted it on FS. So here goes: miss Pussy Galore sings an English version of Serge's La Javanaise. It's from her very rare album Everyting I've Got (pictured: Japanese re-issue), that also features her duet with Patrick McNee. I've never heard the full album, and I wonder if C'est Drôle is a French song, or just has a French title. Enlighten me, please. Better: send me a copy of the whole album! Got it, thanks Franss!

Honor Blackman - Men will deceive you

See Serge sing La Javanaise here.
UPDATE: here's C'est Drôle by Honor, and yes, it's completely in French. Darling, Je vous aime beaucoup is half French/half English.
Honor Blackman - C'est Drôle
Honor Blackman - Darling je vous aime beaucoup

woensdag 18 februari 2009


With these four Gainsbourg-covers, I think I've posted every Dutch Serge-reprise there is. Bar one: a rendition of L'Accordeon by the Jopie Jonkers Group (link). But I think their version doesn't differ that much from the 1984-cover by De Ploegadoers, a Dutch folk band from Liempde.
The one I was most curious about, was by organ-player Frans van de Borg, a northener who made one album (link) containing church music, Booker T-songs, a piece by J.S. Bach, and Je t'aime moi non plus. A pretty standard muzak-y version, think Paul Mauriat and the like.
A real surprise was the album Hitparade from the Caramella Zandvoort (link). According to the liner notes, the club in beachside Zandvoort was the Dutch counterpart of the Hamburg Star Club, and Paris' Club St. Germain. The 1965-album contains smooth jazz and easy listening, played by Ger Dijkshoorn Kwintet, Holand Kwintet and singer Ingrid Spaak. She sings two Gainsbourg-compositions, Poupée de Cire (orig. by France Gall), and O, O Sheriff (orig. Petula Clark). Not earthshattering, and with an accent, but nice nonetheless.

Find other posts about Dutch Gainsbourg covers here, here, here, here, here , here, and here.
May I remind you that after summer, GainsNord is released, a compilation featuring old and brandspanking new SG-covers by Dutch and Belgian bands.

Ingrid Spaak - Poupee de Cire, Poupee de son (video of orginal version)
Ingrid Spaak - O, O Sheriff (video of original version)
Frans van de Borg - Je t'aime moi non plus
De Ploegadoers - L'accordeonist (video for original version by Serge and Philippe Clay, and here by Juliette Greco)


Are songlyrics poetry? There are poems set to music, and some songwriters had their lyrics published in a book. Luciole is a 'slammeur', she reads her poems on a stage the way singers perform. A performance, or poetry slam, is in a way what a battle is to rappers - it's a competition, you use humour and irony, but also the beauty of words to win the slam. Luciole (22), who hails from Bretagne, is inspired by Grand Corps Malade and Saul Williams, but she also did a rendition of Gainsbourg's Chanson de Prevert. If you listen to Luciole's debut album, the poète maudit is a big reference, especially in the music. I like her best when she combines 'reading' and singing, her husky voice makes that combo like watching Vermeer's Girl with a pearl earring: it's art, but it's sexy as hell too.

Luciole - Grain de Sable
Luciole - Perpendiculaire

La Noyee

Just 'cause it is a beautiful song, and I like this compilation-video:

dinsdag 17 februari 2009


Born in Rouen in 1985, moved to Lyon at the turn of the century, art student Buridane got noticed as an artist around 2002. She took part in talenthunts, and found a small label who released an EP. That's called Pas Fragile. Well honey, that's for us to decide. If you sound like Vanessa Paradis, if you play the guitar and if you sing about the stuff you sing about, you're a certified Fille Fragile in my book. (Merci SOM)

Buridane - Pas Fragile
Buridane - Badaboum

maandag 16 februari 2009

We heart Coeur de Pirate

Three Japanese Australian Coeur de Pirate fans pay tribute:

woensdag 11 februari 2009


If you think the girl in the picture resembles Deborah Harry, you're not the only one. In fact, in 1978 Hansje Ravesteijn won a Dutch Blondie lookalike contest. The first prize was a trip to NYC, to meet Debby Harry. After that, Hansje decided to go her own way: be a dancer, a singer, a tv-presenter and an actress. She recorded two 'French' singles, the discofied Tu es Belle (b-side to her single Automobile) and Silex Pistols Piew Piew, a song that was the female answer to Plastic Bertrand's Ça Plane pour moi. Exploitation pop in it's finest form. (merci Maks)

Hansje - Tu es belle
Hansje - Silex Pistols Piew Piew

dinsdag 10 februari 2009

Jazz a gogo!

After the bestest Gainsbourg remix in the world, ever, here's the bestest France Gall remix in the world, ever. Jazz à Gogo, latinfied so magnificently it puts red hot peppers in your ears. Made by the same guy, who deserves a statue. At least. And a small Caribbean island, in the shape of his face, ofcourse.

France Gall - Jazz a gogo (Mnmtc remix)
France Gall - Jazz a gogo (original version)


You make one album in 2002. People compare you with Vanessa Paradis, and refer to Le Petit Prince. Jay Alanski, the demi-god from A Reminiscent Drive and co-writer of big Lio-hits, wrote songs with you. You were destined to be big. And then...nothing. Well, almost nothing. You're a contestant in Star Ac # 6, but nothing happens after that. You still post on your Myspace. And there are rumours about a re-issue of your debut, with bonus tracks. You're name is Elfy, you're brilliant album is called Lisa Sans Son Etoile, and I really hope you're able to write new songs, new music. Because we need you, Elfy.

Elfy - Les Astronautes et les princesses

In other news: Perez Hilton has discovered Coeur de Pirate too.

maandag 9 februari 2009


We like to keep track of our favorite filles, and innocent-looking Chat is one of those girls. Her first album Folie Douce is released today, a piano-driven affair ofcourse that kicks off with Alice, a song posted here before. Chat worked on this album with Joseph Chedid (brother of Matthieu, I presume?) and Albin de la Simone - always a good sign when he's on board. Chat is not aiming to please, as the Dutch saying goes, she likes colouring outside the lines. Best songs are the more poppier ones, and ofcourse we love it when she barely reaches the high notes. That our fille fragile.
See a very charming interviewe here.

Chat - R.
Chat - Petit con

vrijdag 6 februari 2009

New Berry video

New video for Mademoiselle HERE. First version HERE. I prefer the latter.

donderdag 5 februari 2009

Emily Loizeau

Here, you can see a 40 minute concert Emily Loizeau gave a little while back, during which she plays most of her new album Pays Sauvage. A highly anticipated album - Emmy's debut was a treat, and she plays on this album with Thomas Fersen, Moriarty and Herman Dune. If you know those bands, you have an idea how Em sounds right now: freakfolky, with elements from gospel, gypsy-jazz, children's songs and folk (obviously). At times, she reminds me of 10,000 Maniacs/Nathalie Merchant. Not your avarage fille fragile, but if you dig Claire Diterzi, Moriarty, CocoRosie (there is a woman with a beard on the album cover, that's a giveaway) and the like, this is a must-have. The female choir of the song below consists of Jeanne Cherhal, Olivia Ruiz and Nina Morato, btw.

Emily Loizeau - La femme à barbe

dinsdag 3 februari 2009

More Jetaimes

In addition to this post, I found two songs using a sample of Je t'aime moi non plus. We all know Guitar Song by Texas (video), but Brit actress Misty Oldland used it too for her very Gainsbourgian titled 1994 single A Fair Affair (video). Dutch singer Jes covered that single for her 1999 debut Seven Days. I can't find any info on Jes, apart from this. Guess that her album and single fell on deaf ears.

Jes - A fair affair
Misty Oldland - A fair affair

Soiree Gainsbourg

March 28, it's Soiree Gainsbourg time again in Petrol, Antwerp. The celebration of Serge's life and heritage, with dj's Louis Katorz, Pierre Elitair and Guuzbourg. Starts 22.00 hrs, ends (late) next morning. Last year was a blast, hope to see y'all there!

Search the Serge

Still exploring Dutch music catalogues for Serge-covers, and thanks to Franss and Grandmaster O, I got this mp3 by André van Duin. He is the most succesful comedian in Holland for decades, with tv-shows, revues, parody-records, earnest Christmas-albums (my parents got that one, and played it to death when twas the season) and sitcoms. This site says that the tune for one of his 1975 revue-shows (Andrés Pretmachine) apparently was written by Serge. And some other guy, one Robert Kaesen. I first thought it was a version of Boum Bada Boum, but no. The song starts of with an intro that reminds me of MacArthur Park, but then changes into a jazzy pop tune. I feel defeated, but I have no clue what song by Serge this is. Do you?

André van Duin - Tune Pretmachine

maandag 2 februari 2009

Oh Canada: Mara Tremblay

I know, Oh Canada month is officially over, but I've decided to keep posting French-Canadian filles under this moniker. Mara Tremblay was suggested to me by visitor lparent, mostly because of the albumcover. Mara poses half-nude for Tu m'intimides, her fourth album. This is the first cd I've heard from her, checked some older songs on Youtube. Bestest is the duet with Stefie Shock. The new album is a versatile affair, Le Printemps des Amants sports a phat electronic bassline, while closer Le bruit features a heavy blue eyed soul piano. I like Tu n'es pas libre best, her most fragile song.

Mara Tremblay - Tu n'es pas libre

Ik ook niet

This year, Serge & Jane's eponymous duet Je t'aime...moi non plus celebrates it's 40th birthday. It's also forty years since L'Année Érotique - 1969 is also the year I was born. No coincidence, ofcourse. This momentum will be celebrated on this blog a couple of times - starting with a few Dutch parodies, and some outrageaous versions (thanks Franss) I recently received.
I thought Jo Leemans & Jo Cassiers version of Je t'aime, called 10001 ste nacht (the 10001st night, from 1970), was an original. Turns out this is a translation of a German version, featuring an old couple who go to bed, and have no sex whatsoever. One of the more obscure versions that Franss found, feature a couple talking about footbal (Goal!). There's also the oldest parody (1969) by Nol and Marie (Dutch lyrics by Pierre 'Smurf' Kartner), featuring a husband and wife. She keeps nagging about the trash and the alarm clock - this is Je t'aime, 25 years later.
More recent is the duet between Ome Henk and Dutch sex-bomb Kim Holland (nsfw). Just added: the surreal version by Dingetje, called Warme Brie & Natte sokken. Most parody versions are quite terrible and unfunny. For good measure I've added the great instrumental fanfare-version by Blauhuster Dakkapel. If you do not speak Dutch, this is the one to download.

By far the filthiest version I know, is by Spain's Fecal Coproboys. Yes, this sounds exactly as you expect, with such a name. Above is the video for the Czech version by Ilona Csakova, I didn't know there was a video for that.

Jo Leemans & Jo Cassiers - De 10001ste Nacht
Wolfgang Gruner & Edeltraud Elsner - Die 10001ste nacht
Specials - Ik heb 'm
Luidkeels - Goal
Ome Henk & Kim Holland - Sju tem
Dingetje - Je t'aime (Warme brie en natte sokken)
Blauhuster Dakkapel - Je t'aime
Nol en Marie - Je t'aime over 25 jaar
Fecal Coproboys - Je t'aime