dinsdag 3 februari 2009

Search the Serge

Still exploring Dutch music catalogues for Serge-covers, and thanks to Franss and Grandmaster O, I got this mp3 by André van Duin. He is the most succesful comedian in Holland for decades, with tv-shows, revues, parody-records, earnest Christmas-albums (my parents got that one, and played it to death when twas the season) and sitcoms. This site says that the tune for one of his 1975 revue-shows (Andrés Pretmachine) apparently was written by Serge. And some other guy, one Robert Kaesen. I first thought it was a version of Boum Bada Boum, but no. The song starts of with an intro that reminds me of MacArthur Park, but then changes into a jazzy pop tune. I feel defeated, but I have no clue what song by Serge this is. Do you?

André van Duin - Tune Pretmachine

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