maandag 2 februari 2009

Ik ook niet

This year, Serge & Jane's eponymous duet Je t' non plus celebrates it's 40th birthday. It's also forty years since L'Année Érotique - 1969 is also the year I was born. No coincidence, ofcourse. This momentum will be celebrated on this blog a couple of times - starting with a few Dutch parodies, and some outrageaous versions (thanks Franss) I recently received.
I thought Jo Leemans & Jo Cassiers version of Je t'aime, called 10001 ste nacht (the 10001st night, from 1970), was an original. Turns out this is a translation of a German version, featuring an old couple who go to bed, and have no sex whatsoever. One of the more obscure versions that Franss found, feature a couple talking about footbal (Goal!). There's also the oldest parody (1969) by Nol and Marie (Dutch lyrics by Pierre 'Smurf' Kartner), featuring a husband and wife. She keeps nagging about the trash and the alarm clock - this is Je t'aime, 25 years later.
More recent is the duet between Ome Henk and Dutch sex-bomb Kim Holland (nsfw). Just added: the surreal version by Dingetje, called Warme Brie & Natte sokken. Most parody versions are quite terrible and unfunny. For good measure I've added the great instrumental fanfare-version by Blauhuster Dakkapel. If you do not speak Dutch, this is the one to download.

By far the filthiest version I know, is by Spain's Fecal Coproboys. Yes, this sounds exactly as you expect, with such a name. Above is the video for the Czech version by Ilona Csakova, I didn't know there was a video for that.

Jo Leemans & Jo Cassiers - De 10001ste Nacht
Wolfgang Gruner & Edeltraud Elsner - Die 10001ste nacht
Specials - Ik heb 'm
Luidkeels - Goal
Ome Henk & Kim Holland - Sju tem
Dingetje - Je t'aime (Warme brie en natte sokken)
Blauhuster Dakkapel - Je t'aime
Nol en Marie - Je t'aime over 25 jaar
Fecal Coproboys - Je t'aime

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  1. Wait, I'm confused... The hot, classy brune on the video... That's NOT "Je t'aime..." Who is she and what's the name of the song she's singing? Also, if that is what dutch sounds like, I just became a lesbian. o_O

  2. The singer on the video is Czech, and the melody is definitely Je t'aime moi non plus. I have no clue what she's singing about.


    slov = words

    (Someone competent please correct me.)

    When you told me (left?) those words (which ones?)... I wish it was like before.

    It's a tragic love song :)

  4. Thank you, Natasha! I can definitely pick up some words there... Nice! =)

    Guuz, honestly, it sounds so different! I could definitely recognize the melody in the parodies, but not in this video until very carefully listening to it additional times. But, oh, not the first time around!

  5. Curiouser and curiouser! Some of these Dutch parodies are so blunt, anti-erotic in a Calvinist way and unfunny they make The Royle Family look like an episode of Brideshead Revisited. Dingetje is quite witty though and I love the fanfare (play the trumpet myself).

  6. Jo Leemans & Jo Cassiers version reminds me of Bourvil's one :)

    normaly i'll be there the 28th march! yeah !

  7. "Goal" seems to have disappeared. I was looking forward to hearing that one.

  8. Made a mistake, it's up for grabs now.

  9. Einsturzende Neubauten also did a cover version of Je t'aime.

    Roger Grund -

  10. I know Roger, glad to hear from you again. Posted Jet'm by Neubauten in my mega-Jet'aime-post (over 50 versions) in 2007 or so.