dinsdag 10 februari 2009


You make one album in 2002. People compare you with Vanessa Paradis, and refer to Le Petit Prince. Jay Alanski, the demi-god from A Reminiscent Drive and co-writer of big Lio-hits, wrote songs with you. You were destined to be big. And then...nothing. Well, almost nothing. You're a contestant in Star Ac # 6, but nothing happens after that. You still post on your Myspace. And there are rumours about a re-issue of your debut, with bonus tracks. You're name is Elfy, you're brilliant album is called Lisa Sans Son Etoile, and I really hope you're able to write new songs, new music. Because we need you, Elfy.

Elfy - Les Astronautes et les princesses

In other news: Perez Hilton has discovered Coeur de Pirate too.

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  1. I wasn't impressed by her in Star Ac (where producers wanted to market her as a French Pink) but this song is quite pleasant.

    Coeur De Pirate might be everywhere in 09'