donderdag 19 februari 2009


She sang with Jerome Minière, with Vincent Delerm, and on her second album there are some songs in French too (here, and here too). On the upcoming third album no French songs, alas. But I got hold of this new song, written with Patrick Watson, that is really beautiful and I think y'all shouls hear. Lhasa de Sela's voice is really something, it's beyond melancholy. The strings of your heart are played magnificently. I like her best when she sings in French or Spanish, but Rising is a great song too.

Lhasa - Rising

In other news: see the dates for the big tour FS-faves Francoiz Breut and Marianne Dissard are doing in Germany, here. If you're going, please write a review for this blog!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. for some reasons "rising" remind me "suranée" by Keren Ann.
    Is anyone have some news about Keren Ann ? a new album soon ?

  2. Merci, I didn't know Lhasa, but her music is wonderful..

  3. What a beauty!!! I have her previous two albums and the Tindersticks album on which she sings some songs. Her voice is quite similar to (Concha) Buika.