woensdag 25 februari 2009

Oh Canada: Marie Pierre Arthur

One of the overused words on this blog is 'atmosphere' - it could also be the title of Marie Pierre Arthur's debut album. This Quebec girl played bass for Ariane Moffatt and Stefie Shock, and now comes with an album that has gothic touches, as Eno-esque soundscapes. Very percussive, also. Highlight of the album is Entre Nous, a devastatingly beautiful track, in which MPA's voice is very delicate. Single Pourquoi is a folky strummer for overcast days in spring, A talent to watch. See a live video here. (Thanks Ralph)

Marie Pierre Arthur - Pourquoi
Marie Pierre Arthur - Entre Nous

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  1. Release of Marie-Pierre Arthur's first album is creating a big buzz in Quebec this week. It's all over the radio. She's being hailed has a major new singer. And rightly so! She's very, very good.

  2. And they're damn right in Quebec!
    As Guuz already wrote, 'Entre Nous' indeed is an incredibly beautiful track, one to be very, very proud of. But in fact the complete album is more than worth to lay your hands on.
    Enchanting songs with traces of dust 'n desert, subtle seduction through husky singing and an all-over sound that reminds me a little of Marianne Dissards album L'Entredeux from last year. Or maybe even better.
    Marie-Pierre Arthur - imho - made the 'filles-album-of-the-year' so far.

  3. I should also have mentioned that Geneviève Jodoin, another backup musician/signer is coming out with a solo album in March. I think that she's got the Right Fille Stuff.

    Check her out at:

  4. MPA's album jumped diretly to No.1 on the Radio-Canada chart released today!