woensdag 18 februari 2009


Are songlyrics poetry? There are poems set to music, and some songwriters had their lyrics published in a book. Luciole is a 'slammeur', she reads her poems on a stage the way singers perform. A performance, or poetry slam, is in a way what a battle is to rappers - it's a competition, you use humour and irony, but also the beauty of words to win the slam. Luciole (22), who hails from Bretagne, is inspired by Grand Corps Malade and Saul Williams, but she also did a rendition of Gainsbourg's Chanson de Prevert. If you listen to Luciole's debut album, the po├Ęte maudit is a big reference, especially in the music. I like her best when she combines 'reading' and singing, her husky voice makes that combo like watching Vermeer's Girl with a pearl earring: it's art, but it's sexy as hell too.

Luciole - Grain de Sable
Luciole - Perpendiculaire

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