maandag 9 februari 2009


We like to keep track of our favorite filles, and innocent-looking Chat is one of those girls. Her first album Folie Douce is released today, a piano-driven affair ofcourse that kicks off with Alice, a song posted here before. Chat worked on this album with Joseph Chedid (brother of Matthieu, I presume?) and Albin de la Simone - always a good sign when he's on board. Chat is not aiming to please, as the Dutch saying goes, she likes colouring outside the lines. Best songs are the more poppier ones, and ofcourse we love it when she barely reaches the high notes. That our fille fragile.
See a very charming interviewe here.

Chat - R.
Chat - Petit con

3 opmerkingen:

  1. And a beautiful brand new video for 'Alice' kan be found here:

  2. Maybe she's too adorable for me. I just listened to the whole thing on her website. The piano, the melodies in general combined with her excessively girly voice makes me feel like... Little kids on a birthday party or amusement park? I fear where this is going, you know... Pink cotton candy stains on my black silk! ;p But, yeah, hands down, adorable IS the word. Thing is... Can she go BEYOND that?...