zondag 29 juni 2008

RVS uses Dorval

Before I went on holiday, I got an email if I could help contact Dorval. Or rather their record- and publishing company. It was to get permission to use the beautiful, aching, Biolay-produced-and-arranged Ne Me Demande Rien for a commercial. Saw that commercial for insurance company RVS today, and they put the song to good use. The advertising company picked another great song for an earlier commercial too - Jeff Alexander's Come Wander With Me, that popped up on an Air-compilation.

Dorval - Ne Me Demande Rien

dinsdag 17 juni 2008

Lisa Wisznia

Before I leave with the wife 'n kid to Sicily (back July 1st), I leave you with Lisa Wisznia. And what a joy that is. Unsigned still (an outrage), Lisa works with songwriter/composer Manuel Bleton to make gentle, breezy and very sexy music. Lisa's voice is as fragile as we like it here, the songs on Myspace are all of very high quality. Good melodies and arrangements, very nostalgic but also very right here, right now.
La Chanson de Gainsbourg is, for obvious reasons, my fave. I think Serge would be very proud. Lisa's also an actress, see her do comedy here. There will be a video of this chanson too, Manuel promised. Keep you posted on that.

Lisa Wisznia - La Chanson de Gainsbourg

zondag 15 juni 2008

Veni vidi vici

When I saw a compilation of highlights from the Holland-France game yesterday evening with an Alizée track under it, I just had to make a post. (It's not the music you hear under the compilation posted above, btw) I watched it at home, but went to dj later that evening wearing my French football jersey. Interesting comments you get from fellow Dutchmen. There was even an Ajax-fan who asked me how it felt to lose - I only replied: you tell me (for non-football fans: Ajax lost about everything last season). I played some French tunes, but a lot of funk, salsa and reggae too. Still, there was this girl who wanted me to play more American music - at that point, an Isley Brothers-cover was on the decks. Had a great time though, it's always great to see people dance like mad when that Minimatic remix of Serge's Chez les Yeye's is on.

Alizée - Veni Vidi Vici

vrijdag 13 juni 2008

Division Kent vs Keenhouse

One of the more danceable tunes on Filles Fragiles 1 was by Swiss duo Division Kent. L'Heure Bleue was the only French tune they did, I once said that they sound like LCD Soundsystem-as-French-maids. The song was remixed by Ken Rangkuty a.k.a. Keenhouse, who retrofied the discovibe. Think Cerrone, think Serge Santiago. It's still sexy as hell - play it loud before you go out.

Division Kent - L'Heure Bleue (Keenhouse rmx)

Jeanne vs Biolay

When picking songs for Filles Sourires 2, I played a few tracks by Jeanne Cherhal. We had trouble reaching her record company for the first edition; I really wanted one of her fresh, kooky songs on my comp. But alas, the record company did not get back to us. Anyhoo, I didn't select a JC-song this time (but I am considering one by her sister), which left an unsatisfied feeling. Lucky for me (for us), SOM send a absolutely fantastic cover Jeanne did of Benjamin Biolay's La Chambre d'Amis. Such a delicate version.

Jeanne Cherhal - La Chambre d'Amis
Benjamin Biolay - La Chambre d'Amis

donderdag 12 juni 2008

Amelie Delange

'From Birkin to Queen'. There's a songtitle not to be ignored by a blog like mine. And when Yann de Paris and the ultralovely Amelie Delange (the French Kahimi Karie) are involved, it's a sureshot. Download it on your iPod, put on your shortest summerdress, frolic through the fields while your older friend makes pictures inna David Hamilton-stylee. (That is Jane on the picture, ofcourse)

Amelie Delange - From Birkin to Queen

dinsdag 10 juni 2008

Coralie Clement

Look what I found in my inbox:

A new picture of Coralie Clement, courtesy of her record company. Who also contacted me about the new album - if all goes well, you will find posts here by Coralie about the upcoming cd. Yes: Coralie, guestposting on my blog. No kidding. Furthermore, it looks like CC will come to Holland to play two shows, together with Peppermoon and Francoiz Breut in November. Contracts aren't signed yet, so keep those fingers crossed.

Serge Sure Knows

I bet it's safe to say that Belgian afro-pop band Zeker Weten (Know for Sure) is the first to cover Serge's Shush Shush Charlotte, originally on Mauvaises Nouvelles des Etoiles. They only took the bassline and the melody, but changed the lyrics completely. Zeker Weten's Flemish version is about a relation that's stuck in a rut - the chorus goes: what are we to do now? While Serge sings about little Charlotte pooping in her culotte. Shush now.
Zeker Weten (they just released their debut-cd) is very inspired by Serge, leadsinger Simon Pleysier talksings in the same manner, and to the same effect. He puts in less double-entendre's though.

Zeker Weten - Hoe Moet Dat Nu
Serge Gainsbourg - Shush Shush Charlotte

vrijdag 6 juni 2008


For everybody who wants to know how Lauryn Hill would've sounded if she sang in French, and made in video in Cuba for a song on whirlwinds. And for everybody who likes to hear/see a supersoulful sunny song. More on Soha.

Soha - Tourbillon

donderdag 5 juni 2008

France vs Fumi

Exchanged a few songs with J., he send me the Japanese version France Gall recorded in the sixties of Poupée de Cire, Poupée de Son. Later on, Fumi Hosokawa recorded a Japanese version as well (for this compilation), but I'm not sure if she used the exact same lyrics.
There is also this version.

France Gall - Poupée de Cire, Poupée de Son (Yumermiru chanson ningyo)
Fumi Hosokawa - Poupée de Cire, Poupée de Son

In other news:
- Guuzbourg is dj'ing @ Circus Treurdier, Studio K, Amsterdam, June 13 (you can watch the Holland-France game on a big screen)
- Natashka invites Minimatic to play @ Red Hot Riviera, June 28, DNA, Amsterdam
- Alfa Rococo, that great Canadian band who are on Filles Fragiles, are playing Amsterdam Paradiso on October 26.

dinsdag 3 juni 2008


(this is restored post, FUCK your DMCA takedown notice)

Remember Mademoiselle? Wouter wrote a fine guestpost about her two years ago. Just recently, I found out she released an EP online-only. Featuring that gorgeous song Alice, plus a Jimi Hendrix cover. She's no longer called Mademoiselle, but cut it short to Chat. A good idea, so that we cannot confuse her with Mademoiselle K, or Katerine Gierak. She made a name for herself with Ça Me Vexe, a solid rocksong that wasn't fragile enough to post here. She just released her second album, again filled with loud guitars, but there are more tender moments. As you can read on Katerine's Wiki, her musical teacher once said that there are no barriers between music based on genres, and that music was simply music. This advice helped Mademoiselle K to be open to all types of music including jazz, classical etc.

Chat - Alice
Mademoiselle K - Grave (clip)
Mademoiselle K - Jamais la Paix
Mademoiselle K - Jamais la Paix (piano version)

Elsewhere: SOM has an mp3 of Keren Ann singing in Hebrew.