dinsdag 5 juni 2007


Don't confuse Oshen with O-shen, for they differ enormously. The Oshen I like to introduce worked with Vincent Segal who, as you might know, also worked with FS-fave Jeanne Cherhal. Oshen's music is in the same vein as Cherhal's: folksy, jazzy, laidback, sunny, with some electronic dots and loops. Singer Océane Michel (what a great name) has a more mature voice than Jeanne, but both like to add some humour in their song. Oceane was born in Paris, but made a name for herself in Marseille. She's friends with Anaïs, who gueststars on Oshen's second album Je ne suis pas celle (2007). Debut Don Juan was released in 2005 and features the minor hit Chanson Fantôme. Oceane loves Cocorosie, Stina Nordenstamm and Cat Power, voted for Segolène, reads books by Brautigan and Roth and considers herself to be a young lion. Hear her roar.

Oshen - Chanson Fantôme
Oshen & Anaïs - Baratineur

Clip: Oshen & Anaïs - Faith (George Michael-cover)

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