maandag 10 maart 2008

Ça Plane Pour Tous

After listening to Thee Headcoatees' cover of Plastic Bertrand's smash Ça Plane Pour Moi I thought: did more girls cover this? Yes, they did. Take leatherclad Swiss girlband Tears. Or pophiphop-star Leila K. Or German rockers Paula (featuring Elke Brauweiler). But the boys are present too, as are a bunch of penguins. If you check, you'll find even more versions (anybody has the versions by Aluminum Babe? Annie Dufresne? Or the Spanish version by Manic Hispanic?). Bring 'm on! I will play a few no doubt this Saturday @ Soirée Gainsbourg in Antwerp. See an English translation of the lyrics here.
By the way, you know that rumour has it that not Roger/Plastic Bertrand, but composer Lou Deprijck himself sang Ça Plane?

Plastic Bertrand - Ça Plane pour Moi (CLIP)
Sonic Youth - Ça Plane pour Moi
Tears - Ça Plane pour Moi (CLIP)
Spider Nick & the Maddogs - Ça Plane pour Moi
Les Sans Culottes - Ça Plane pour Moi
Presidents of the USA - Ça Plane pour Moi
Pigloo - Ça Plane pour Moi (CLIP)
Paula - Ça Plane pour Moi
Leila K. - Ça Plane pour Moi
Humphries - Ça Plane pour Moi (recommended!)
Thee Headcoatees - Ça Plane pour Moi
LTNO & The Dead Sexy - Ça Plane pour Moi
The Boss Hoss - Ça Plane pour Moi
Telex - Ça Plane pour Moi
Elton Motello - Jet Boy Jet Girl (same music, different lyric, see here)
Richard Thompson - Ça Plane pour Moi (merci Patrick)
Richard Gotainer - Ça Plane pour Moi (merci Fred)

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  1. Came across this:,_Jet_Girl

  2. Roger Marie Francois Jouret was the drummer on the session but he looked the most like a punk rocker so he became Plastic Bertand to promote the single.

  3. Also saw this (acapella?)

  4. standard absolu des années punk en france (ou plutot de ce que l'on a cru etre le punk)
    commencer par une suipercherie pour finir par etre un tube-culte il fallait le faire

  5. Zazie covered this song during the Zizanie Tour in 2003 (but just the months spent in Bataclan, not in Zénith afterwards).

    But I can't remember if there's any live mp3 ...

  6. I see you used a part of my translation too ;^)
    there are more cover versions of "ça plane pour moi"
    - Set De Choeur (a folky version)
    - Plastichke (as "ça gaze pour moi" in Brussels dialect)
    - Los Banditos (partially in German)
    - De Strangers (as "Punk" in Antwerp dialect)
    - The Damned (as "Jet boy jet girl")
    - Captain Sensible (as "Jet boy jet girl")
    - Dutronic (but only live, but maybe I still have a recording somewhere)
    (see also

    Dirk Ungawa

  7. see here :
    top moumoutte - 13 track 19 and enjoy !

  8. the same backing track was also Jet Boy Jet Girl by Elton Motello who engineered the original session