maandag 20 maart 2006


Unfortunately, when I was in New York last week, the Gainsbourg tribute with La Laque and Nous Non Plus was cancelled :-(. Lucky for me, Nous Non Plus ànd Les Sans Culottes were playing on the same (fri-)day. Now, I heard something about LSC losing members to NNP, but I did not know the details. That was before I read this funny, and also a little sad article on
I chose to see NNP @ Hiro Ballroom, a beautiful Japanese themed stage below a hotel. NNP were the second band of the night, before we had to endure a very boring and very off-key singing folkduo. Yawn. But there they were, singer Celine Dijon (ofcourse not her real name, but she's the only real Frenchie in this so-faux-it's-good-yeye-band), guitarplayer Jean Luc Retard and the others. Very energetic, they rocked the packed place with their really good pastiches of yeye-music. The closing song wasn't French, but German: a hi-energy version of Nena's 99 Luftballons, with a snippet of Tom Petty's American Girl (re-named Bavarian Girl - err...guys: Nena's from Hagen, in Nordrhein-Westfalen) - hilarious. Good show, glad I went to see it.
LSC (featuring Celine and the other NNP-members) made three records, the best song being Allo Allo. NNP made one album last year, my favourite song off of that is Monokini.

Les Sans Culottes - Allo Allo

Nous Non Plus - Monokini

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  1. I love funny stuff, Monokini is great!

    (J'aime Serge at Le One Night Stand @ Hiro Ballroom

  2. So much fun. Shall look out for more of these. Thanks!

  3. also very nice:

    one night in paris of nous non plus
    li kantu of les sans culottes.