donderdag 11 september 2008

Biolay mix

Because I started listening to Elodie Frégé again. Because someone send me this link. Because he produced JC's new album. Because I wasn't really happy with my Anniversary mix. Because I want him to come to Amsterdam. Because he's the greatest French songwriter of the decade. Because he was involved in so many great productions. Because you don't really need a reason.

Download from HERE. Tracklisting:

La ballade de mois de juin - BB & Chiara Mastroianni
Jardin d'hiver - BB & Soha (live) (clip)
Le jeu des 7 erreurs - BB & Elodie Frégé
Little Darlin' - BB
La Perfide Albion (inédit) - BB
Mes fenetres donnnent sor le cour - Coralie Clement
Los Angeles - BB (clip)
Si tu disais - BB
Les bords de seine - BB & Elli Medeiros
Dans la Merco Benz - BB (clip)
Des lendemains qui chantent - BB & Françoise Hardy
Seule - Keren Ann
Mon amour m'a baise - BB (clip)
Take Me Home - Jo Stevens

(the Coralie Clement song was written and produced by BB, the Keren Ann song co-written and produced by BB, the Jo Stevens song produced by BB, Si tu disais is a Francoiz Breut cover, Les bords de seine a Claude François Etienne Daho cover)

13 opmerkingen:

  1. "Because he's the greatest French songwriter of the decade."

    Exactly. He's amazing. Et très torride, en plus...

  2. Yeah! Much, much better than the anniversaire mix :-)


  3. gracias desde Chile!!!!

    Merci beaucoup Guuzbourg.
    à bientôt


  4. "les bords de Seine" is a ETIENNE DAHO cover (not Claude François)

  5. Yes benjamin is very good but no i disagree, the best french songwriter this decade is the cruelly neglected arnaud fleurent didier. He may not be as productive as benjamin but his music moves me much more.


  6. Yes you are certainly right about that.But i can´t figure out why Arnaud seems to have such a low profile but thats how passion should work maybe. He should have a new album out in early 2009 anyway.

  7. how about you writing a guestpost on him? plus mp3s? mail me: guuzbourg(a)

  8. Awesome guy! Thanks a mill. Deserves a separate post.