maandag 8 maart 2010

French Rendezvous with Stacey Kent

When an acclaimed author and Booker Prize winner is writing lyrics for you, you’ve made it. Literary superstar Kazuo Ishiguro did so for Stacey Kent’s 2007 breakthrough album Breakfast on the Morning Train, her first record on Blue Note that sold 150000 copies in France alone. Though Stacey hails originally from New Jersey and is now living in Colorado, her brand new CD, Raconte-moi, is an all-French affair, featuring carefully selected songs by Claire Denamur, Benjamin Biolay, and Keren Ann, among others. My favorites are the title song, and the irresistible Venus du Mélo, both co-written by jolie blonde, Nice-based auteur/ compositeur Emilie Satt, who will open for Stacey at the Grand Rex à Paris on May 18. Supersexy double. Gonna join me there?

Stacey Kent – Raconte-moi
Stacey Kent – Venus de Mélo

Emilie Satt – Highway to Hell

Want a free (promo-)copy of Stacey's album? Two FS-readers who write a post about their favourite non-French singer singing in French, can win! Send your entries to guuzbourg(a)gmail(.)com

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