donderdag 4 maart 2010


Ariane Moffatt, queen of Quebec, is part of a musical reliefproject for Haiti. Together with Caracol and Jorane, Kodiak and Nomadic Massive, the latter have three members with Haitian roots. Nap Chante Pour Haiti is one of the best songs for this good cause. Please go here to support and contribute.
A good thing the Canadian artists chose not to cover, say, We are the world or Everybody Hurts. But Ariane did interpret other people's tunes for the Canadian tv-series Trauma (kind of the Canadian E.R.). One of those is Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah (yawn), another is a cool version of The Pixies' classic Where is my mind.

Ariane Moffatt ao - Nap chante pour Ayiti
Ariane Moffatt - Where is my mind

Something completely different? Try Sly Stone turning his masterpiece Dance to the Music into an odd French funkjam. With added female (or pitched?) vocals. This is the opening track of the upcoming compilation Listen to the Voices - Sly Stone in the Studio 1965-70, with outtakes, demo's and weird shit like this.

French Fries - Dance a la musique

Finally, the Dark Prince of French Rock decided to cover a magnificent song by Gainsbourg. It's short, but it's sweet. See other contributions to this acoustic Serge special from TV5, like by our beloved Coeur de Pirate) here.

Benjamin Biolay - Ballade de Melody Nelson

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  1. Thanks for posting that Benjamin Biolay version. I've been wanting to hear it for a long time, and I was not disappointed!

  2. That's good to hear from you whoever you are. Me too, been followed this since I search it on youtube.