maandag 20 augustus 2007

Belin et les filles

You could call Bertrand Belin the French counterpart of Stuart Staples. Or maybe Neil Hannon. He's a crooner (although he never belts out), he mumbles a bit and his music's unashamed romantic, jazzy and cool. He's made two album, La Perdue is just out. That features a duet with the lovely Barbara Carlotti. On another occasion he duetted with the even lovelier Olivia Ruiz, for a special project covering the Dionysos-song La Métamorphose de Mr Chat. See the original version (featuring Babet) here.

Bertrand Belin & Barbara Carlotti - L'Aube Posée
Bertrand Belin & Olivia Ruiz - Le Rêve de Mr Chat

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  1. Bonjour/Hi,

    Je ne trouve pas d'adresse email où vous écrire/ I can't find your email adress.
    Ce lien devrait vous interresser / this link should be of some interest :

    Freddy Bee

  2. If you want the mp3 let me know ...