woensdag 26 september 2007


GUESTPOST! Sky N. on Lina from Paris:

In the history book of supreme wet pop dreams, Lina has a glossy chapter for herself. Unfortunately, she’s done only two records in ten years. Her first album Dans 5 minutes, j’suis prête (1993) shows her with a dynamite stick on the cover and is a quite lovely affair: a reinvention of YéYé Pop for the fin de siècle including the hip Best Seller and a sweeeet version of Sugar Town by Lee Hazzlewood, as he’s called in the acknowledgements. No complaints, s’il vous plaît – a laid-back ironizzt like Lee would certainly have approved of the spelling.
However, the really explosive stuff can be found on Redevenir Modeste (2003), one of the premier (and outrageously neglected) French records of our decade. Just start with Girouette which you will find on Lina’s MySpace site, with her vocals oscillating between retro electropop and Erotheque, Miss Pinball Machine and pure genius, and the sharpest fuzz guitar licks you’re going to hear in a long, long while – delivered by an enviable guy operating under the name of Monsieur Calvez, obviously inspired by The Chocolate Watch Band and other psych heroes of the sixties. Plus: Delice Idéal, the sexiest m*th*rf*ck*r of a song you’ll be able to imagine, and 27,000,000 Typen (können nicht irren), a simply irresistible piece of sound beaming German lyrics right to another planet. Big words? No, folks: Grand Délire.

Lina - 27,000,000 Typen (Konnen Nicht Irren)
Lina - 27 000 000 de mecs (ne peuvent se tromper)
Lina - Superchéri

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  1. hey guy ! I'm a french fan of LINA FROM PARIS. Your text (or "article" ???) about her is funny, twisty pop'n'rolly, easy to read even for a french ! if somebody doesn't know who is LINA FROM PARIS, your text ((or "article") will be, euh, "DONNER ENVIE" (I don't know now how can we can write that in english) to listen her two CDs. Theses CDs are two of my ten favourite CDs for the eternity (with Johnny Hallyday, Lio, Marie France, Ici Paris, Bijou).

    signé : guibert francois from st brice (and "La Bastoche" 11e, when I 'work')

  2. I'm with Guibert here. Great writing!

    Had a good and healthy laugh reading the Hazzlewood pun/misspelling. Thanks ;)


  3. Hello, here is a new, 100 % inédite interview of Lina From Paris on this link : http://linafromparis.fr.gd/Interview-2014_2015-de-LINA-FROM-PARIS--k1-albums--g-Dans-cinq-minutes%2C-j-h-suis-prete--ar--g--et--g-Redevenir-modeste-g--k2--.-.htm

    Guibert Francois, the comeback seven (or eight) years later