vrijdag 4 juli 2008


Ladyhawke from Wellington New Zealand describes herself as 'a lady who loves to play. I love videogames. I love my guitars. Synths. Cats. Makin noise, pressing buttons, wires, cables, solitude, staring at screens, movies, collecting stuff.' Her dancesmash Paris Is Burning is, erm, burning dancingfloors all over the world for a couple of months now. Randy made a guestpost about her on this blog, saying he wanted to hear her sing in French. A shitload of remixes (ranging from Cut Copy to Alex Gopher) appeared, but also a French version of this song. Randy's wish came true, hooray! (Merci)

Ladyhawke - Paris S'Enflamme
(video for the English version)

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Really nice version of the song.


  2. Wow, a dream come true for Randy and a great track indeed!

    Wonder when my 'French Wishing' prayers will ever be heard ;-)