maandag 14 april 2008

Eva de Roovere

There have been tributes to Serge, covers, honourable mentions, but as far as I know nobody ever wrote a song referring to one of SG's chansons. Up until now. Belgian fille Eva de Roovere, who sings in Dutch, wrote for her new album Over & Weer (Back & Forth) the song Zoals in dat ene liedje (Like in that one song). She sings: Zoals in dat ene liedje ben ik gekomen om te zeggen dat ik wegga (Like in that one song I've come to tell you that I'm going). Ofcourse she means Je suis venue te dire que je m'en vais. And although the memories are sweet (he's the one who introduced Miles Davis to her - talk about a special friend), Eva's the one who's leaving.
It's a good song, I really dig the music. That goes for the whole album (out 4/25), sweet, slightly naive lyrics, with really good, roots-y music.

Eva de Roovere - Zoals in dat ene liedje

CLIP of Serge doing Je suis venu te dire

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