zondag 6 april 2008

Josianne Paradis

I've been checking out some new names from Quebec lately (here, here and here), and Josianne Paradis' songs really stuck. I just missed her - in March she performed in Brussels. She comes from a family of six (in her bio she states that it was never silent in her house), played in various bands (she plays Wurlitzer, one of my favourite funky instruments) and as you can tell from her songs she's influenced by Camille, Barbara and Ariane Moffatt (new album end of this month!). I like the jazzy vibe in her songs and her soothing voice. Must hear more. Oh, and as far as I know, she's not related to Vanessa Paradis.

Josianne Paradis - Ma Realité
Josianne Paradis - Ces Yeux-La

Remember Nougat? They couldn't get Arno Hintjens to do the male vocal part of their pastiche Melodie d'Amour, instead they got Nightporter. If you're familiair with Dutch avant-rock, you recognise him instantly (need help? click here). Here's the new version:
Nougat - Melodie d'Amour

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