maandag 20 oktober 2008

Francoiz Breut

When I think of Francoiz Breut, I think of a big plane between Normandy and Brittany, on a not too sunny day with a bit too much wind. A raven-haired girl standing on a cliff, the sea deep down below, singing a song of longing, of desire, of dreams. For all the outside influences (Spanish lyricists, collaborators from Arizona), Francoiz always has a Northern French feel to me. On new album A L'Avleuglette, this vibe is still very much in place. This time, FB and her band (two guys, plus help from Mansfield.TYA) aim for widescreen images via very rhythmic songs, with use of vibraphones, strings, brass and all kinds of percussion. These are not popsongs like Si Tu Disais, these are little soundtracks to movies in your head. Calexico is a reference, just like Tortoise and a times even Godspeed You Black Emperor. Francoiz sounds as lovely and fragile as ever, with a hint of smile. Not an easy album, but surely a good one. Out November 3 - and ofcourse en direct on November 13 and 14 in Amsterdam and Leiden.

Francoiz Breut - A L'Avleuglette

FB contributed earlier on the album of The Ideal Husband, the band to book for your Twin Peaks-revival party. Odd, campy music with lots of ukelele, lapsteel and double bass, plus dark fairytale lyrics. Singer of The Ideal Husband is Sandrine Collard, who was featured on this blog before with her electronic album. Most songs are in English, Francoiz sang backing vocals on Dors. The Ritornello is partly in French. TIH play the Crossing Border festival in The Hague on November 21.

The Ideal Husband - Dors
The Ideal Husband - The Ritournello

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  1. Guuz, the last link should read
    and not .../ritournello.mp3
    (Nice tunes. I feel like cherry pie and a damn fine cuppa Joe... hot! And can almost smell the Douglas firs from here.)

  2. By the way, Francoiz Breut has just published two Music books for children.

    "Le Mystère des couleurs" with DaSilva (Songs & illustrations)

    "Le peuple des dunes" (only illustrations)

  3. sublime ritournelle....merci.seraphin(bordeaux)