vrijdag 17 oktober 2008

Random tracks

Three songs that have almost nothing in common, apart from sounding real good and one having a Serge-reference:

There's a connection between Marc Collin and La Boétie, but I forgot what it was (the booking agent, probably). Anyhoo, this Parisian rockquartet is fronted by the charming Elsa (pictured), and make powerpop with modern (think LCD Soundsystem) touches. No album yet, but all songs on their Myspace are very cool.

La Boetie - L'Etre Ideal

Paul & Louise are obviously a duo, that make also upbeat rock. They sing in English and French, one song of theirs was covered by Sinead O'Connor no less for a soundtrack. Also, no album yet. But there's always MySpace.

Paul & Louise - Je ne pense plus a toi

And finally an older track by the wonderful Angel Corpus Christi. I never give money to musicians on the street, except violist younger than 10 (they need the encouragement) and accordionist of any age. I love the accordion, wish I could play this poor man's piano. ACC is a master on the instrument, and also a very funny songwriter. White Courtesy Phone is a great album, but if you like (Lou Reed-)covers then Louie Louie is a good one. From that album comes this mash-up of SG's Je t'aime and I Want to Boogie With You (by Lou Reed, yes).

Angel Corpus Christi - I Want to Boogie/Je t'aime...moi non plus

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    Hello monsieur Guuzbourg,

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