donderdag 16 oktober 2008

La vie en rose

(this is a restored post)

Fils sourires update! A brave move by Belgian band Suarez, to cover La vie en rose. The song has been sung many many many times, but the fourpiece add something to this standard. In fact, they redressed it in such way you don't recognise it immediatly. It was when I scanned the small print on their recently released debut album On Attend, that I saw that this was the famous Piaf song. They also do a very nice rendition of Brassens' La non demande en marriage. Suaraz is a rock band with folky roots, and fish in the same pond as the mighty Saule, Joseph d'Anvers, Salsedo, Eté 67 and other young lions. They're playing Brussels' Royal Circus on November 15 with Coralie Clement. Nice way to get acquinted, I'd say.

Here's Suarez' version, plus Edith's, and a still brill version by Satchmo.

Suarez - La vie en rose
Louis Armstrong - La vie en rose
Edith Piaf - La vie en rose

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