donderdag 30 oktober 2008

Liesbeth List

Like I say in the booklet for Filles Fragiles 2: Liesbeth List is not a certified zuchtmeisje, but she sure is the godmother of every Dutch fille who sings in French. Nowadays, Liesbeth is in the theaters with her highly praised Piaf-musical, but she started her career duetting with...Serge Gainsbourg. Heard that very interesting story yesterday from Sylvester. Finally there's proof that SG performed in Holland in the early sixties. Actually, the tapes from that show were lost, because something went wrong technically so the show was never broadcasted. Still, there was a review in a Dutch newspaper (have to look that up one day), and that was read by Ramses Shaffy. This Dutch giant remembered the young singer, contacted her via the newspaper and the rest is Dutch music history, because Liesbeth and Ramses formed a legendary duo. Liesbeth also sang a lot of (translated) Brel songs, approved by Jacques himself.
Sylvester told me that Liesbeth sang more Gainsbourg-covers than L'Anamour (for the first time on cd, on Filles Fragiles 2) and Sous le Soleil Exactement. Turns out she did a absolutely brilliant, superfunky German version of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde, and a stunning live(-ish) version of Sous le Soleil. I do hope Liesbeth will come to the Filles Fragiles theater-show in Amsterdam (Nov 13), keep you posted on that.
UPDATE: yes, she's coming to the show!

Liesbeth List - Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde
Liesbeth List - Sous le Soleil Exactement

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  1. Really nice songs. Hope she shows up.

  2. Interesting story 'bout Liesbeth. And what a stunningly beautiful version of 'Sous Le Soleil'!

  3. Woo Liesbeth in the show, have a nice time!