woensdag 22 oktober 2008

Mareva & Rufus

A match made in heaven: former Miss France and ukelele-promotor Mareva Galanter duets with Rufus Wainwright on a song that is called Serge et Jane. It's from Mareva's new album Happy Fiu, which she made with Britrockband Little Barrie. The Brits are playing on this song too, and they certainly get the SG-spirit.
The song has lines like 'Je vais marcher rue de Verneuil/Les murs sont couverts d'ecritures/La tes fans se disent no future/et moi je suis la sur le seuil' - very recognisable for anyone's who's been to Rue de Verneuil. When Mareva sings in English, I reach for the skip button, but that's only 3 times. The rest is great.

Mareva Galanter & Rufus Wainwright - Serge et Jane

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