zaterdag 20 juni 2009


Dutch Maison Descartes (French cultural embassy, so to speak) held a poll to choose the bestest French (pop)song of the last 50 years. Tonight, the top 50 is revealed, but this blog got hold of that list earlier. It's less embarrissing as I feared it would be, but a list of the best French songs WITHOUT Leo Ferré's Avec le temps, or (songs by) Serge Gainsbourg or Benjamin Biolay kinda sucks (so do the two songs by Celine Dion that are listed, of course).
Here's the top 10:

1. Patrick Bruel - Casser la voix (video)
2. Alderliefste/Ramses Shaffy - Vivre (this is rework of Serge Reggiani's La Dernière Volonté by a Dutch band and a legendary Dutch singer)
3. Alizée - Moi...Lolita
4. Les Poppys - Non non rien n'a changé
5. Kate Ryan - Generation Desenchantée
6. Khaled - Aicha
7. Yves Duteil - Prendre un enfant par la main
8. Jacques Brel - Ne me quitte pas
9. Celine Dion - Pour que tu m'aimes encore
10. Patrick Bruel - Je te le dis quand même

Also included are France Gall (Ella, elle l'a, 15), Axelle Red (Manhattan Kaboul, 25) and Françoise Hardy (Tous les garçons, 40). Duteil, Brel and Bruel all have songs listed in the top 50. I posted my French post-80s top ten here.

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  1. Joke indeed. The best French pop songs of the last 50 years are, at least in my own je-suis-snob- poll:

    10) Arthur H, Une rose pour Madame X
    9) Monochrome Set, RSVP
    8) Lina, Délice idéal
    7) Orlane Paquin, Le train de 10 h 03
    6) Gérard Manset, Pas de pain
    5) Serge Reggiani, La putain
    4) Nino Ferrer, Mirza
    3) Pierre Barouh, Samba Saravah
    2) Julien Baer, Juliet 66
    1) Serge G., Requiem pour un twisteur

    Anyone else?


  2. "Samba Saravah," a french song? ;p Oh, yes, thank God for Barouh for making that possible, but did you hear it in the voice of Elis Regina, too? I hope so! Or you cannot call yourself a real snob... ;)

  3. No. 9 is by an English band. Does that answer your question?

  4. I heard the French consul in Amsterdam whine about that list just last week, as in the Dutch taste was not close to his own :)

  5. Françoise Hardy on 40?! It's a shame!