maandag 15 juni 2009

New stuff

Aaaaaand we're back! Mallorca's a really nice place if you like sea, sex and sun (and rioja wine), so I did enjoy myself.
I my mailbox I found a link to the new Souvenir video, in which the lovely Patricia resembles Bardot in her ultra-sexy years (see here), and the new Emilie Simon single. Em always had a strong Kate Bush influence in her music, but in Dreamland she seems to imitate her big hero. New album The Big Machine sadly has no French songs. Damn you, International Career!

Emilie Simon - Dreamland

Still in French, thank Dieu, is superchanteuse Lio, who made her new album with help from Jacques Duvall and Phantom. New single Je Ne Suis Pas Encore Prete is out now.

Lio & Phantom - Je ne suis pas encore prete

In case you're wondering where my Iggy Pop post went, DMCA took it down (sigh). But the mp3 of Ig singing Je sais que tu sais with Lucie Aimé is still up. Right click, save as.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Welcome back. Nice songs

  2. Oh, pfffffft. One song and they took down the whole post?! And with promotional videos of Iggy saying he made this album especially for people en France and people who can appreciate the french language?... (¬_¬)

    Guuz, the post survives on our feed readers and thanks for naming her cos I was itching. And even though I see a zillion Iggy fans absolutely rejecting this album, I kinda liked it -- took me more than one time listening to the whole thing, though...

    Mallorca? Sex? I'm sick as a dog down here. ;p Welcome back, indeed... ;)

  3. Bit depressing about Emilie only doing songs in English; she consistently sounds fantastic, but her skills with lyrics are a bit, erm, fluffy, to say the least. In French she hid from me any number of lyrical sins (though I guess non-english speakers in France might benefit this time around).

  4. Amazing. I go away for a couple of years and come back to find you still going on about Lio.

  5. you make it sound like it's a bad thing. i beg to differ.