zondag 21 juni 2009

Paroles Paroles

Thanks to Peter for telling me about the new Zap Mama album, that features a cover of the campy Dalida/Delon-duet Paroles Paroles. Marie Daulne (= Zap Mama) duets with French actor Vincent Cassel, who, as you can see in the picture, is one of the luckiest men alive. For he's married to Monica Belucci. That's why he smiles like that probably.

Zap Mama & Vincent Cassel - Paroles Paroles

FYI: Dutch reviews for Gentils Garçons, and one English interview with yours truly, HERE

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Very niiiiiice cover !
    T H A N K S

  2. Hello hello!

    This is silly but I was wondering if you could do a repost of "Someday my prince will come" sung by camille. I somehow deleted from my computer and am going insane! :(