woensdag 17 juni 2009

La Gaité/Klaske

Trio La Gaîté are this years winners of the (26th) Amsterdam Concours de la chanson, a talent hunt for young Dutch chanteurs and chanteuses. Yves Duteil and Liesbeth List were in the jury - they praised the originality, freshness and upbeatness of Dafne, Sabien and Margriet. Who met on the steps of Paris' Sacré-Coeur, there they first sang an old French ditty. To be honest, I never paid much attention to the CdlC; although I appreciate that they urge young Dutchies to sing in French, they also tend to linger in the past. Contestants sing songs by Piaf, Aznavour and the like. But this year (and, so I'm told, also in other recent editions) contestants chose more recent material. Like runner-up Klaske, who very bravely covered Ta Douleur by Camille. Winners La Gaîté chose a song from Pauline Croze's debut-album, Tita. Thanks to Sylvester, who also made the picture of La Gaîté, here are live-recordings from the CdlC.

Klaske - Ta Douleur (see original version here)
La Gaîté - Tita
Pauline Croze - Tita

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