dinsdag 2 juni 2009

Summer Cycling Mix

Me & the mrs and our little sprout are off to a sunny island for 2 weeks. So here's a Summer Cycling Mix, featuring mostly men singing about riding a bike, about watching girls ride a bike, about cycling through Paris and about speeding. This lickle mix kicks off with the theme-music used on Dutch public radio during La Grande Boucle, aka the Tour de France. Enjoy yerselves, back on June 15.

Filles Sourires Summer Cycling Mix, download from HERE


Rein van den Broek - Trumpet Cross
Eddy(la)Gooyatsh - Le Vélo
Joe Dassin - Au Vélo dans Paris
Plasticines - Zazie fait de la bicyclette
Benabar - Velo
Gil Chovet/Chris Hayward - a Velo
Gerald Genty - Mon Velo
Georges Moustaki/Vincent Delerm - Une fille a bicyclette
Yves Montand - A Bicyclette
Carine Erseng - La vitesse superieure

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Ouais, bonnes vacances bien méritées !

  2. It is "A Vélo dans Paris" (not AU).

    Enjoy your holiday!

  3. Merci merci! Very nice blog, by the way :)

    You know, this photo reminds me of something I saw yesterday in the streets of Toronto -


  4. Try Daniel Belanger "Intouchable Et Immortel" :)

  5. Nice

    Pity that you haven't found Velocita Silenziosa from Paolo Conte's latest album Psyche.

  6. Ikiro, you may have noticed that my blog is mostly about French songs. Paolo sings in Italian.

  7. Aha, French chauvinism. I forgot about that. Italie, zero points ;-)

    Nevertheless a great 24min of music that has already looped here many times. tnx