maandag 2 november 2009

10/10: The best French albums of the decade (4)

Mordi, he of the brilliant Blowupdoll blog, made his list of poptastic French albums of the past 10 years. Alizée (no.7) is pictured.

1. Calogero - Pomme C. (2007)
The emotive vocals of calogeo enfused with the songwriting of zazie make this album a pop/rock french masterpiece.

2. Carla Bruni - Comme Si De Rien N'etait (2008)
i was surprised how much i enjoyed this - it blended all my favourite aspects of charlotte,coralie,keren-ann etc and it hypnotised me.

3. Alex Beaupain - Les chanson d'amour OST (2007)
One of the best films ever made. One of the best musical soundtracks ever.

4. Guy Chambers & Sophie Hunter - The Isis Project (2005)
I love the vocals of Sophie Hunter (Jane Birkins niece!). It’s like the musical soundtrack to a film that never was.

5. Charlotte Gainsbourg - 5.55 (2007)
It was worth the 20 year for her second album.

6. Mylene Farmer - Point De Suture (2008)
This was the first album from Mylene that I liked all the way through- hypnotic and electronic.

7. Alizee - Gourmandises (2000)
Pop rules!

8. Vanessa Paradis - Divinidylle (2007)
It was great to hear VP back to her best.

9. V/A - 8 Femmes OST
Wonderful cover versions of classic pop songs sung by some of France's best loved actresses.

10. Coralie Clement - Toystore (2009)
Benjamin Biolay, Etienne Daho, Chiara Mastroianni, a Lio cover version - what more could I ask for?

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