zaterdag 7 november 2009

Clara, Isabelle, Berry

Time for some new music, after a week of looking back. There's a new single (album coming up) from Isabelle Boulay, dedicated to the fall. Chanson pour les mois d'hiver isn't Les feuilles mortes (there's a tad more sunlight), but a grown-up, solid song that steers on the right side of mainstream to appeal to me.
Clara plume (pictured) is, like Luciole for instance, a slammeuse (a young poet that likes to perform inna hiphop-stylee) who made an album on which she sings too. Catherine Ringer, Zazie, Lily Allen and good old Jacques Brel are references, I'd add Jeanne Cherhal and Clarike. Les p'tits plaisirs is an upbeat single, a better song on her debutalbum is the sultry L'heure de l'amour.
Berry's debutalbum is updated again. Instead of making a new album, Universal keeps adding bonustracks. None as great as Chanson d'Helène, but on Mon Automobile Berry again shows just how lovely she can sound.

Isabelle Boulay - Chanson pour les mois d'hiver
Clara plume - L'heure de l'amour
Berry - Mon automobile

6 opmerkingen:

  1. At last an Isabelle Boulay song that better suits her killer looks, even though her charming demeanour in the video clip appears somewhat calculated. Unfortunately none of the three mp3 links seem to be working.

  2. Thank you, almost there. Now the Boulay winter song has morphed into La ballade des gens heureux by Los Pepes. What's up, doc? Perhaps you should take a break and fix it after a relaxing weekend...

  3. Wow, she's so gorgeous. I like her outfit. She's awesome.