maandag 30 november 2009

Sélection de Lundi: L'étoile oubliée de Orlane Paquin

Orlane Paquin did a handful of movies in the 70s, among them La Horse which featured not only her bare assets (see right), but also an equally sexy psych soundtrack by Monsieur Gainsbourg, and then she was gone for good, vanishing-act-style. Though her movies might not be particularly memorable, her probably only 7“, Le Train de 10 h 03, remains one of the great unknown French chansons, capturing melancholia, lightness, and vulnerability in an irretrievable way. Produced by Michel Legrand, and arranged by Gainsbourg fellow Alain Goraguer.

Orlane Paquin - Le train de 10 h 03


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  1. Thanks for the brief Orlane Paquin biog. I have some songs by Nicole Paquin. Any relation, do you know?

    Dom (

  2. All-too-brief bio, I know. Since Nicole Paquin's real name was Nicole Desbiolles, I doubt there is a relation.