woensdag 4 november 2009

10/10: Best French albums of the decade (7)

Anna Maria from Sweden, a regular guestposter on FS, counts down her faves. Mylene Farmer is pictured (no. 3)

1 Vanessa Paradis - Divine Idyllle (2007)
Peaceful and cute songs by mrs Depp. She has reason to be content.

2 Claire Diterzi - Tableau du chasse (2008) Inventive and lovely songs. The French Kate Bush? Quite possibly.

3 Myléne Farmer - Avant que l’ombre (2005)
Still haunting and has some of her best work in years.

4 Coeur de Pirate - Coeur de Pirate (2008)
So sweet and so cute, a real gem of a debut.

5 Emily Loizeau - Pays sauvage (2009)
Fabulous and kinda exotic music.

6 Emilie Simon - Emilie Simon (2003)
Bubbly and fun electro pop debut. Has a fab rendition of an Iggy Pop song, while not French it’s still a hoot.

7 Lo Polidoro - Le carrousel de jours
Classic yet new chansons by a promising singer.

8 Coralie Clement - Bye bye beauté (2005)
Wonderfully laidback songs and superb fille singing.

9 Benjamin Biolay - Trash yé yé (2007)
The crown prince of new chanson at his elegant and seedy best.

10 Raphael - Caravane (2005)
Charming pop/rock with neat singing.

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  1. Thought you might enjoy this on Dutronc, Hardy, Perier...http://bartbull.blogspot.com/

    (But as to these top ten lists....where is Rose? And isn't Olivia Ruiz shockingly underrepresented? And while she may sing primarily in English, surely Aja....!?

  2. Raphael, for sure ... far too underrated, and his song about Dewaere: world class despair.

  3. No Françoise Hardy from her 2K years in any of these lists? She's the whole reason I"m now infatuated with Filles Sourires. ;)

  4. Loved Sex, Lies and Dutronc, thanks much for sharing.