zondag 9 augustus 2009

Brisa Roché

Leave it to SOM to dig up great songs from lesser known compilations. Brisa Roché debuted in 2002, Blue Note revamped that debut in 2005. Love her dew-eyed look, and her slightly off-key singing. She sang in French on that cd, but kept it all English on follow-up Takes. Shame. On OpenMag & Factory compilation (released last year, a team-up between a magazine and a festival) she sings a gorgeous duet with an unidentified male filmdirector Samuel Benchetrit. Also from last year is another duet, with producers Bost & Bim. Estelle's American Boy gets a red-gold-and-green treatment. Nice for the current temperatures.

Brisa Roché & Samuel Benchetrit - B&B
Bost & Bim feat. Brisa Roché - Jamaican boy

3 opmerkingen:

  1. i think she is my favorite female singer currently working. absolutely love her voice.

    i am pretty sure the male singer on b&b is fred fortuny - or at least that is what shows up in my mp3 player.

    this new brisa song is a treat and a joy.
    love love love

    so glad SOM makes posts here every once in a while. really miss his blog being active.

    i really can not convey enough thanks for this.

    you guys are awesome!

  2. Hi, She is a briliant singer .. I love her voice and universe ...
    For B&B ... the male singer is .... Samuel Benchetrit, a famous french film director.
    New album from Brisa to be released soon ...