maandag 3 augustus 2009

Les Provocateurs

I read about Les Provocateurs on Charlie's blog. Then of course I send our special Brazilian correspondant, Luciane, to the scene. Here's her report:

What happens when you put together a leftie extraordinaire, lovely Brazilian filles and Serge Gainsbourg as inspiration? One heck of a gig with provocation enough to make you leave the premises happy and in the mood. They're not kidding when they call themselves Les Provocateurs.
Edgard Scandurra, one of Brazil's greatest guitar players, is the man behind this ensemble. Well known from his '80s rock band, he's gone solo and is quite busy. French music is more than just one of his musical projects, it's a passion.
You can tell how much of a Gainsbourg fan he really is by the name of his restaurant: Le Petit Trou . That's where Les Provocateurs began, with a tribute to Gainsbourg's 80th birthday. Scandurra teamed up with Bárbara Eugênia, also from 3 na Massa, Juliana R., a young and new voice in the urban folk scene of São Paulo, and Scandurra's wife Andréa Merkel. Their renditions of our favorite Serge tunes are dreamy, playful and teasing. Scandurra's inverted guitar poetry is the perfect match to female vocals that go from soft to bold when they dive into the Gainsbourg universe. For the past month, special guests joined Les Provocateurs on stage, creating a different atmosphere every night. I was surprised to see how much Gainsbourg was an influence to Brazilian artists whose music I'd never put together with his. Besides Gainsbourg, Les Provocateurs also flirt with France Gall,Françoise Hardy, Anna Karina, Jacques Dutronc and Michel Polnareff.
Great repertoire? You bet. Word has it that these provocations might go from the stage to the studio. What a tease!

Le premier bonheur du jour (feat. Juliana R., Françoise Hardy cover)

Listen to more songs here.

And because we want more Serge, two videos from the anniversary
tribute at Le Petit Trou. Gainsbarre in the background, intimiste,
perfect. :)
Chez les ye-ye (feat. Bárbara Eugênia)
Harley Davidson (feat. Bárbara Eugênia)

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  1. I am speechless. "Might" go into the studio? They 'must' go into the studio. I want their records. This is gorgeous. I love Brazilian music and there are some wonderful blogs that feature the vintage records from the 60s (with much wonderful newer recordings), but I never matched them with French music, either. Thankyou Luciane for your great report. Please publish an update when there is more news of them.

  2. Wow, Guuz, where do you find such generous readers? ;p L, needless to say that I agree with you. And I definitely think Edgard should try to make this happen now to take advantage of The Year of France in Brazil. Now is the time for all francophones to rock and roll! But that "might" came straight from the kitchen, so... Let's cross our fingers! :)