vrijdag 21 augustus 2009

Covers Deluxe: Philippe Leroy

Sorry, this ain’t the actor Philippe Leroy, famous for his roles in Le Trou or Milano Calibro 9. According to this YouTube video, we can gather that French singer Philippe Leroy bleached his mane somewhere along the way and transformed into an artist with a, well, quite particular clothing style and a haircut that tells stories from a trailer park only the boldest coiffeurs would dare to enter. Before Philippe went there, he looked (see above) pretty much like the guy who stole my sister's bra at the youth hostel in Antibes as a souvenir, and recorded the Mediterranean version of The Rubettes’ smash hit Tonight. That was in 1974. Some French people actually had sex while listening to it.

Philippe Leroy – Ce soir

The Rubettes original, also from the same year, remains a charming bubblegum-meets-glam gem. And while some folks might have snickered at their caps then: Twenty-five years later, British intellectuals The Auteurs paid tribute to The Rubettes, with one of the finest pop songs of the 90s.

Rubettes – Tonight
Auteurs – The Rubettes

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  1. Oh, Auteurs..cool. Remeber "New french girlfriend" that Luke wrote for Vanessa and she didn't sing?


  2. Of course. Also love Luke's work w/ Sarah Nixey ... "French Rock'n'Roll" being a song perfectly suited to FS, come to think of it

  3. That's hilarious. And scarily knowledgeable. ;-)