vrijdag 7 augustus 2009

Foxy Summer, French Style

The photo on the right shows a happy man – Francis Lai, composer of the immortal bande original du film for Un homme et une femme, as well Oscar winner for his Love Story soundtrack. Five years later, at the height of the Disco days, Lai put the milk jug away for a few hours and took his coffee black – for the high-class 1976 Jean-Paul Belmondo feature Le corps de mon ennemi, doing his own, equally foxy Superfly groove, gallic style.
A year later, Serge also went funky with his soundtrack for Just Jaeckin’s softcore callgirl skin flick Madame Claude, amalgamating stuffy guitar licks and highly addictive slap-bass beats into some of the tightest badassss shit you might have ever heard.
Erm, bonus: Stéphanie’s 1985 Funky Baby, essential listening for all bébés under ten years; otherwise please enter at your own risk. Plus: A tender pierced-tongue-play version of Un homme et une femme by lovely German redhead Enie van de Meiklokjes – and now let's talk magic, we're sixteen again.

Francis Lai – Number One
Francis Lai – Jack pot
Serge Gainsbourg – Ketchup in the Night
Serge Gainsbourg – Discophotéque

Stéphanie – Funky Baby
Enie – Daba Daba Dab

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