dinsdag 11 augustus 2009

Madd, Claude and Gainsnord

Don't worry, just because there are a few posts about men on this blog doesn't mean we've changed directions. We stay focussed on the filles, but because there's no new stuff we turn to the guys for a while. They too make great records, you know. Take Rotterdam quartet The Madd, whose second album Are Pretty Quick! is released next week. On their debut they did a great French song, this time they've added a great great great Claude François cover. See the original video here. UPDATE: Style-meister Minimatic told me to check out this fantastic video, an Italian version by Rocky Roberts!

I did ask The Madd to contribute to Gainsnord (Serge's songs revisited by bands from the Lowlands) but alas, they were tangled up in the recordings of their own album. Heard they really wanted to contribute. The official Gainsnord site is online, you can hear 2 minutes of every song. Love to know what you think! Release 18/9.

The madd - Ce soir je vais boire
Claude François - Ce soir je vais boire
Rocky Roberts - Stasera mi butto (NEW: uploaded the old version, not that horrible remix, sorry 'bout that!)

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  1. Zo'n Philicorda orgeltje waar de mannen van The Madd op spelen is dezelfde als waar Susanne Linssen van Hospital Bombars op speelt


    Helaas maken Hospital Bombers geen chansons maar leuk is't wel!