maandag 31 augustus 2009

New Vanessa Paradis song

In November, a greatest-hits compilation by Vanessa Paradis will be released. Featuring her rendition of the Cole Porter-song I Love Paris, but also with a brandspanking new song, Il y a. That song will be released next week. It was written by Gaetan Roussel, best known as the lead singer of Louise Attaque.

Vanessa Paradis - Il y a

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  1. I am from America and yes, I learned about Vanessa in 2003 when I started liking Johnny Depp. I really enjoy her music even though I don't speak French. Il y a is a really cool and funky song and I think I am now addicted to it. I also have "DivinIdyll" and "Bliss". Her voice is so calming and swee, like an angel! Lots of love to you, Vanessa from the U.S.!