donderdag 10 december 2009

Filles Sourires Best of the Year List

Thanks everyone for sending in your yearlists. I counted all the votes, and here are the results. Some of the contribuants added comments, I'm citing from those.

1. Benjamin Biolay - La Superbe. No competition, almost everyone mentioned this album. 'Biolay surpasses himself by climbing the highest peaks of romance, without stumbling over the violins or offkey-arrangements.'
2. Emily Loizeau - Pays Sauvage. Freakfolk fille wins hearts and minds of many. 'Her voice is absolutely incredible on this; a bit raw, sexily gruff, and very intense.'
3. Charlotte Gainsbourg - IRM. Just out, but we're feeling it already. 'With IRM she turns oppression into a delicate excitement. Just because she can.'
4. Claire Denamur - s/t. Few can resist this girl with the sun in her voice. 'Hope she’ll come to Holland one day, to perform, not to visit her grandma.'
5. La Patere Rose - s/t. Fresh Canadian kaleidoscope-pop. 'Obligatory stuff for all visitors over here.'
6. Dominique A - La musique. The veteran of la nouvelle scene Française hails back to the dark 80s. 'His best lyrics ever.'
7. La Fiancée - EP. It took just four songs to make a big impression. We cannot wait for the full album. 'Simply beautiful.'
8. Rose - Les Souvenirs Sous Ma Frange. A girl, a guitar. What else do you need? 'Sense and simplicity to the max. Carla Bruni, eat your heart out.'
9. V/A - Gainsnord. 18 bands paid tribute to Serge. My project, you loved it. Thanks. Really.
10. Sammy Decoster - Tucumcari. Thank god he's a countryboy. 'After "Can white men sing the blues?" the question "Can frenchies do Americana?" should be answered with a yes!'

A special mix with songs from ten albums (including a special demo-version!) can be downloaded here.
Benjamin Biolay - La Superbe; Charlotte Gainsbourg - La collectionneuse; Emily Loizeau - Sister; Claire Denamur - Prince charmant; La Patere Rose - Les Deux Bonnes Soeurs; Dominique A - Immortels; La Fiancée - Cette autre; Rose - Ma corde au clou; Leine - Ford Mustang (demo version); Sammy Decoster - Tucumcari.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Goed om te zien dat drie platen van mijn lijstje de eindlijst gehaeld hebben. Zo'n hoge score haal ik met mijn 'gewone' lijstjes nooit.

  2. It had to be Biolay. No competition.