dinsdag 29 december 2009

Lola Baï

Thanks to FransS, Lola Baï didn't slip under our radar. The girl from the north of France released an album earlier this year that fans of the early Emilie Simon might like. Although Lola doesn't have that Lolita-voice, her lyrics are in the same vein as Simon's, and she pairs electronics with acoustics in a natural way. She got productional help from Serge Faubert, guitarplayer for Kébous. She does some English songs (charming, but not as good as the French tracks), sings in Latin, makes you dance to a housebeat, but the remarkable moments are when she keeps it midtempo, and puts a spell on you with her wonderful voice and some electronic aid.

Lola Baï - Pas a grand chose
Lola Baï - Mon coeur idiot

See a beautiful rendition of Regarder les hommes here.

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