maandag 7 december 2009


So, we had Marianne Dissard, we had Sammy Decoster, we had Alain Bashung, we had Francoiz Breut...and now we have Madjo. Another French artist (born out of parents from France and Senegal) who takes inspiration from the American south. On her first EP she covers Leadbelly (yep, Where Did You Sleep Last Night), and she names Billie Holiday, Robert Johnson and Jon Brion as influences. She sings in French and English, and because of her throaty voice she sure ain't no fille fragile. But she got soul, and with that Fender Rhodes piano, you can't go wrong in my book. Le Monstre sounds like Beck was at the controls, could've been a song on Charlotte's IRM album. More songs and videos on Myspace.

Madjo - Le Monstre

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