dinsdag 15 december 2009

The Return of Nous Non Plus

Nous Non Plus’ debut was undoubtedbly one of the best, and definitely the funniest album of 2005 – One Night in Paris being one of the catchiest tunes of the decade, and no, it’s not about the French capital. For some reason, their second album, already released in February, went unnoticed under the FS radar. Time to set things straight: Ménagerie has it all, irresistible power pop gems, cocktail lounge chic, garage bite, Eurodisco sleaze, and summer joie de vivre retro feel, charged with the will to find the perfect melody. Reminiscent of the spirit of similarly neglected 70s Dutch pop intertextualists Gruppo Sportivo, this is cool of the highest order, though probably too witty for its own good – NN+ is the band, and A++ is the rating.

Nous Non Plus – French Teacher
Nous Non Plus – Bollinger

Yup, and that soup is still hot:

Nous Non Plus – One Night in Paris

Unsurpassed tune, not about Paris Hilton:

Gruppo Sportivo - Mission à Paris


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  1. "French teacher" is hilarious.
    I wish I wrote this song when I was on 10th grade.