maandag 14 december 2009

Sélection de Lundi: Todd Bishop

During our recent Hole in the Head marathon, Guuz already recommended Portland jazz drummer Todd Bishop and his take on Serge. On 69 Année Erotique, Bishop and his crew reinvent the title track as an Andy Williams lounge showtune including a lysergic spacescape at the backdoor, transform Le Walkie Talkie into a fusion orgy, and resurrect Initials B.B. with surf guitar reverb, funky licks, sultry sax and the whispered vocals of Casey Scott, otherwise singer of Portland’s Red Venus Love Army – Miss Sexy Voice 2009 for sure. Actually, American jazz reviewers were so intoxicated by the album that they began to improvise about „Jane Birken“ and „Bridgette Bardot“; they really have some creative scribes over there.

Todd Bishop – 69 Année Erotique
Todd Bishop w/ Casey Scott – Initials B.B.


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