maandag 7 december 2009


Don't forget to send me your Best French Album Top 10 of 2009, so I can make one big Filles Sourires Best of 2009 list. I received a few already, but I need more! Guuzbourg(a)gmail(dot)com is that address to send your top 10 to. Please, only releases from 2009, and not too many compilations please. Deadline December 10!!

For inspiration, here is my yearlist:

1. Benjamin Biolay - La Superbe. Title says it all. Double fun from the dark prince of French rock. Jazz, britrock, Argentinian tangometal, nouvelle chanson, it's all there, it's all great.
2. Charlotte Gainsbourg - IRM. She nearly died. She called Beck, and together they made a worthy follow-up to her masterpiece 5.55. Both her kids play on it, and her husband. A celebration of life.
3. Claire Denamur - s/t. The girl with the smile in her voice, the Dutch roots and the American upbringing. Sexy, smart, funny: an album like your favourite springtime.
3. La Patere Rose - s/t. It's sooooo fresh! It's so strange, too. Bubblegum-pop with kaleidoscope eyes. From Quebec - a stamp of quality, for this year a lot of great albums came out of Canada.
4. Sammy Decoster - Tucumcari. He went down to the crossroads, and came back with an album that had Arizona desert dust mixed with pastis in it's grooves. French country, in many ways.
5. Kent - Panorama. Could be disastrous, looking back on your own songs and trying something acoustic. But Kent Cokenstock made a fantastic album, with a litttle help from (among others) Barbara Carlotti, Suzanne Vega. He can be proud of himself.
6. Peppermoon - Nos ballades. I've been telling you since 2006, this Parisian trio is magical. They proved it on cd.
7. Daniel Belanger - Nous. Canadian veteran tries some soul on for size, and makes his best album of his (highly succesful) career. Rock'n soul, Quebec-style.
8. Rose - Les Souvenirs Sous Ma Frange. Proof that girl-with-a-guitar is still a winning formula.
9. Liben - Tout va disparaitre. Wallonie's Vincent Liben let go of the Gainsbourg in himself, with beautiful result.
10. Carmen Maria Vega - s/t. Energetic Django-fied girl, the female version of Thomas Dutronc.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Manquent La Grande Sophie et Clarika.
    Sinon, l'année n'a pas été très riche en disques français de qualité... :(

  2. i wanted to suggest coeur de pirate, but her debut came out in 2008 (unfortunately). but at least you have it on your albums of the decade list! :)

  3. Seb, I beg to differ. There were more good, even great albums. Other listmakers mentioned Emily Loizeau, Brigitte Fontaine, Julien Baer, La Fiancee, Dominique A, Clarika...

  4. Clarika, c'est bien ce que je disais. :P