maandag 25 januari 2010


They're both named Marie, they're both dark haired, they have folk and country-influences in their music and do sing in French all the time. How do you keep 'm apart? Marie Daguerre rocks slightly harder (without turning it up to 11), and she's the one singing in Spanish too. Still, her songs and her voice are too mediocre to really take note. I like Ta Gueule because of that 50s sf-movie organ-sound.
Marie Espinosa (pictured) is an actress turned singer, she even starred in an American production. Her voice is a deadringer for Jane Birkin, and when you hear La Chanson sans refrain it gets uncanny - this is a Gainsbourg-song Birkin never recorded. She's also very much into Brazilian music, that is probably why she sings the last song on her album partly in Portuguese. I like it better that Marie Daguerre's, it's sweeter, more springtime then fall, more cocktail than coffee.

Marie Daguerre - Ta gueule
Marie Espinosa - La Chanson sans refrain

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