maandag 4 januari 2010

The year ahead

The following artists will release new albums in 2010. If you know more (releasedates, titles, etc) please drop in the commments!
Jeanne Cherhal - Charade (March, pictured on the right). New song on her Myspace.
Alizée - Une enfant du siècle. No releasedate yet, but supposedly this year.
Christophe Mae. Snippet of first single Dingue Dingue Dingue now on Myspace. Album drops March 22.
Marina Celeste - The Angel Pop. Release March/April.
Françoise Hardy. No title or release date. Expected in April.
Zazie. No releasedate or title, but it's an album with duets.
Keren Ann. The soundtrack for the movie Thelma, Louise et Chantal drops this month (Keren Ann wrote the music), and so should Emmanuelle Seigner's album (Keren wrote the lyrics). A new KA-album should be in the works.
Marianne Dissard - L'Abandon, probably end of this year.
Elodie Frégé. Supposedly this month, but no real confirmation so far. This track is on it.
Pierre Faa. Aka Pierre Peppermoon. An album is recorded, a releasedate not yet given. Hopefully Erica Buettner will release a disque too this year.
Jacques Higelin. His boy and girls released albums in the past years, now it's daddy's turn. No releasedate or title.
La Fiancée. No releasedate or title, but boy, do we want this album!
Noir Desir. This year, no date, no title yet. Same goes for Adrienne Pauly, Daphné, Zaza Fournier, Raphaël.

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