donderdag 14 januari 2010


Okou consists of two culture clashes: Tatiana Heinz has an Ivorian mother, and French father. Gilbert Trefzeger's mom is Egyptian, his dad's Swiss. They played with various artists (from Mick Jagger to Nitin Sawhney), wrote their album Serpentine in Basel and Berlin and recorded it in America. Talkin''bout saving airmiles! I'm not very enthousiastic about the Okou-album, largely because Tatiana's voice is too theatrical, as if she's acting instead of singing. When it comes to connecting folk and blues to (North-)African music, I choose Hindi Zahra. But the latter doesn't sing in French (well, only a little) and Okou recorded a very sensual, petite NewOrleans-ish track called A L'Aurore. And that I want to share.

Okou - A L'Aurore

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  1. ive listened to the okou album- the singers voice is far away from beeing theatrical!!!!, its very honest, just check the really sorry, i dont agree at all with that critic, dont understand the comparison with hindi zahra either, its not north african folk at all, maybe youll have to turn the cd, youve been listening to the wrong side..